I can't find the links for these, but I love them! Where do you think you get these great jars from???

White chocolate covered cherries! Found here, by Martha!


Guest Books?

I'm trying to think of creative ideas for the guest book... Here's a few thoughts:

This couple used an old typewriter for their guestbook! How amazing!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Amber and Mark

Here's fun papers used for notes. It'd be neat to have some fun customized stickers. (:

Found: Martha Stewart

These are cute... I don't know how much I like it though... I'd want a fun jar to toss them into.

Found: Martha Stewart

There are a ton of creative ideas in this "library" inspiration board from Snippet & Ink. Maybe Library cards or even vintage looking cards printed with a typewriter?

This is a great(!!!) idea! I love the thought of these colorful framed postcards on the wall in our new home, or postcards put into a photo book for us to glance through for years to come! How fun! And what a neat conversation starter!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Jennifer and Mark

Here's a guest book on recipe cards... Unique! I think it might be a little too hard to understand for some guests though.

Found: Brooklyn Bride

Board #186: Budget Friendly / Casual Dinner

There were so many great ideas in this post that I felt compelled to re-post almost the entire page! You can find the original here at Snippet & Ink.

"One way to keep costs down, and still include absolutely everyone you love, is to have a dinner that leans toward the casual end of the formality spectrum. The key to making it special is not only in the guest list, but also in the details. The example I've chosen is a crawfish boil, one of my favorite social meals of all time. I'd definitely recommend offering warm washcloths at the end of the meal, or providing an outdoor faucet of some kind for washing hands. If crawfish isn't really your thing, a picnic, barbecue, or potluck are other fun ways to go.

The Plan: Casual Dinner
Mood: casual, family, fun
Palette: red, white, yellow, kraft paper brown"

"10 Ways to Save:
1. Mix inexpensive flowers and foliage (daisies and greens) with pricier ones (tulips, garden roses, dahlias), and wrap bouquets with a pretty ribbon.
2. A crawfish boil is simple and an inexpensive way to feed a lot of people: crawfish, sausage, red potatoes, and corn on the cob, all with spicy seasoning.
3. Ask friends and family members to bring homemade pies and tarts, then arrange them on cake plates of various heights. It's a great way to save money, and to include people in the day.
4. String lights are such a simple element, but they really add a lot to a venue once the sun goes down. You can wrap them around trees or a deck railing, or hang them to create a border around the dance floor.
5. This idea is sweet, simple, and inexpensive. Clean out two large mayonnaise jars (the economy size) and label one "Take A Wish" and the other "Give A Wish." Fill the first with folded notes from the couple (or quotes, song lyrics, etc.), and have paper and pens for guests to write notes and place them in the second jar.
6. A casual dinner means casual dress, which (as far as I'm concerned) means comfortable shoes. And at $37 - $50 a pair, these Vans are a great choice! Also, when you're not trying to find a ballgown, it's a whole lot easier to find reasonably-priced dress options. This adorable eyelet one from J.Crew is only $395!
7. One of the great things about a crawfish boil is that there's no dishware needed! But I would definitely provide guests with a serious napkin. And if you want to assign seats, write guests' names in chalk or white paint on a small smooth rock. It's thoughtful, but still casual.
8. Save by giving in-season fruit as a favor. Here, glassine bags are trimmed with scalloped edge scissors and filled with cherries. Any leftovers can be eaten or used for baking!
9. Did you see Deanna's beautiful invitations that she and her fiance made themselves for under $2 each? If you're creative, crafty, and/or comfortable with a computer, make your own invitations! Or get a creative friend to do it for you. This one that I made, using clipart I found online and free fonts that I downloaded from dafont.com, was inspired by Unless Someone Like You's wedding posters. Also, keep in mind that 2-color invites can be significantly cheaper than 4-color ones.
10. Instead of flowers at the tables, or alternating between flowers, provide guests with cowboy hats (or any container) full of crayons. Cover tables with kraft paper, and let guests draw to their hearts' content.

Bonus Tip: Beer makes a whole lot more sense at a crawfish boil than champagne does, and it's easier on your budget. Fill metal tubs with ice, and then stock them with bottles of your favorite brews, as well as soda, water, and juice.

1. Live band. A casual, outdoor wedding with all of your friends and family just cries out for a really good band. I'd pick a local blues band, but anything you can dance to will really set the stage for having a big ol' time (for those of you not familiar with this saying, it's what my dear Mississippi friends call "a good time").
2. Wedding posters. Mailing these out in mailing tubes will cost more than mailing regular invitations, but they really set the tone for a fun event. A fun idea is to have one at the reception for guests to sign, then frame it as a keepsake."

Wow Kathryn! You're amazingly creative!

Paper Lanterns and Flags

These are so much fun!!

Found: Brides.com

These paper flags are by {frolic} here. They would be neat in the courtyard, but might take away during the ceremony... What do you think??

The butterflies are so neat as a little detail! Maybe a neat idea for a shower or something! And they're so very easy to make!

Found: Martha Stewart


Outdoor candles

Martha gives a slightly difficult "how-to" for these paper lanterns here.

These candle holders would be neat also. Any ideas on how to DIY??

Found: Cox and Cox

Paper Flower Creations

These are a fun and FESTIVE way to dress up a space!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Shauna and Jeff

The How-to for something similar is here, at Martha Stewart.

These paper flowers are found on Martha Stewart's website, I thought they were adorable! I wish there was a way to hang them around the courtyard!

Found: Martha Stewart


Paper Heart Favors

These paper hearts are the inspiration for the favors... They're plant-able paper chock full of wildflower seeds! I want to try and make them via this recipe:

Found: Paper hearts by Spoon Sisters

Found: Paper recipe from Thrifty Fun

Paper hand fans

These are the paper fans that we ordered for the wedding (: Hopefully they'll keep everyone cool!

Found: Luna Bazaar

The Sunflower

This sunflower from world peas is amazing! Does anyone think that they could reproduce this??

Found: World Peas


Handmade joy

These programs are handmade, and they look amazing! I think I want something like this for... something. I don't know what, but I'll find a place for it!

Found: Snippet & Ink

Cake stands

I think it's time to start looking for neat details like this for my little cake buffet. These are so much fun!

Found: Snippet & Ink

Ring Pillows

These pillows are adorable!!! I love them!

Found: Snippet & Ink

Picnic in the Park

There are so many fun things here! I love the cakes and the colors!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Board #279

Hanging Candles

Look! They're so neat! I bet we could make a bunch of these out of mason jars and hang them in various places...

Found: Snippet & Ink

Beautiful Hair!!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Kristin and Mark

Wrapped Candles

These candles are un-believably easy! Martha tells you how here. Best thing is, they're super-cheap!

These candles are wrapped in eyelet lack to give them a nice feel. What about a sheer ribbon? That would look pretty sharp with the centerpieces that we already have!

Found: Snippet & Ink

Fun things

I love the ring pillow! I kind of wish we were having a ring bearer. Also I love the planted grass. They're neat!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Board #311

Pretty Invitations

These invites are very architectural!

Found: Joel Flory Photography

These maps are amazing! I think I'll try my hand at something like this for the maps!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Jennifer and John

Look how neat!

Even the envelopes!!

Found: Brooklyn Bride


These are Martha's take on the herb boutonnieres. Here's the site with little suggestions for different leaves.

Found: Martha Stewart

Here's a groom's flower done only with mint! Pretty nifty!

Found: In Style Weddings

The vase of rosemary and lavender is pretty and would be easy.

This is a neat addition to the rosemary boutonniere that I want to do. A little baby's breath and a little color go a long way!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Sally and Karl


The most AMAzing photo shoot ever!

This photo shoot has captured my heart. I love it. Check out the rest at the link below!!!

Found: Snippet & Ink

Lemon and Gray

I really like this color combination! And check out the cake topper!!!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Board #293: Lemon and Gray

Tasty Cakes

This cheesecake looks DELICIOUS! We can so decorate these ourselves!

Found: Snippet & Ink

Keeping Cool

This wedding passed around cool washcloths because of the summer heat! What an idea!

Found: Snippet & Ink

Potted Herbs

The idea of potted herbs at this wedding was neat. Since we're getting married at the wildflower center and using such powerful flowers (sunflowers), herbs seem to be a perfect fit! These are done nicely!

I also love the family photos here!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Amy and Brett