Shower treats

Alright bridesmaids!! Here's your mission, should you choose to accept...

I think this would be perfect for the shower, and Mom says maybe you all could try it. All it is is chocolate covered rice crispy treats on a stick wrapped in tissue paper. She even already has the tissue paper! Think you can do it??

The perfect invitations.

These are the first invites that I fell in love with. I still know that they're my very very very favorites. If anyone knows how to re-create them, please help! I would love at least to have the sunflower for use on several pieces of stationary. Sigh.

Found: Bellis


Cake Recipe Cards!

I have absolutely fallen in love with these cards!! I think they're what I'll use for the cake recipes... now, I just need to find a spinning display rack!

Found: (Oh So) Beautiful Paper

Maybe something like this?!?

Found at The Find, But available for purchase here. ($25)

Tentative Cake Plates

Mom's been busy!!! Here's the 25 (!) cake plates that she's tentatively matched from mis-matched glass found at thrift stores, garage sales and many other places! Our cakes are going to shine!!!


Vases and centerpieces

These are the lanterns and vases that we've been collecting!! Look how nice with the sunflowers! (that Worth suprised me with, he's amazing!) So far we have a vase for the gift and guest book table, a lantern for every dinner table, a vase for the head table and one extra vase. There was another, but it met with a tragedy in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. Sad day.


Kids Table!

What an amazing idea! I don't know that we're having a ton of kids at the wedding, but how neat is this! Crayons. Such an easy babysitter!

Found: Snippet & Ink: Amber and Mark